Deep Love DVD

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    • Take Your Relationship To A New Level Of Passion and Intimacy

      Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott are the expert guides for this highly customized, four-week journey. It begins with the Better Love Assessment (sold separately), a practical and powerful online tool that couples can complete in less than fifteen minutes. They’ll receive a ten-page report—personalized just for the two of them. Whether dating, engaged, or married, the customized report is sure to deepen each couple’s connection.
      This DVD includes four weekly study videos that correspond with the four sections of the Deep Love Assessment report, as well as an introduction and conclusion video.
      Introduction (3 min)
      1. Personality - because it's the best way to enhance empathy (9 min)
      2. Communication - because it's the lifeblood of love (8 min)
      3. Conflict - because every couple has conflict (8 min)
      4. Adaptability - because even good couples bump into bad things (8 min)
      Conclusion (4 min)
      Deep Love DVD (4 video sessions)
      Social Media Graphics (on DVD)
      Bulletin Insert Template (on DVD)
      Small Group Signup Sheet Template (on DVD)

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