Crazy Good Sex

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Putting to bed the myths men have about sex
Your sexual drive can incinerate your wedding vows—or ignite a flame of passion within your marriage that brings mind-blowing pleasure to both you and your wife.
In this straight-talking guide to satisfying married sex, psychologist Dr. Les Parrott looks behind six myths that can undermine your confidence, damage your marriage, and leave you struggling with temptation.
With unblushing practicalities, Dr. Parrott explores the answers to:
  •     How much sex women want
  •     Whether married sex can be as steamy as you hope
  •     The biological effects of pornography
  •     What it really takes to please a woman
  •     Whether masturbation is harmful or helpful
  •     The controlling force behind a man’s sexual drive
Here you will learn about a whole new dimension of sexual pleasure. After all, great married sex is not only possible, it’s the way God meant it to be.