The Parent You Want To Be




Who You Are Matters More Than What You Do
When it comes to parenting, who you are is more important than what you do. The Parent You Want to Be shows you how to select your top four or five “intentional traits” and pass them along to your children. It’s a revolutionary approach that you won’t find in any other parenting book. 
Being a parent is the most important calling you will ever have—with the emphasis on being. This parenting book is unlike any other: it’s a step-by-step guide to selecting and modeling the very traits that you want your child to have. Because, as the authors explain, parenting is more about who you are than what you do.
Children long to be like their parents. That’s the secret behind this method of choosing your top traits—your “intentional traits”—and projecting them consistently.
What is the single most important question you can ask yourself as a parent? Find out in this book. You’ll also learn the three-step method to avoid becoming the parent you don’t want to be … how to hear what your child isn’t saying … the single best way to teach a child patience … and much more.
Written in short, designed-for-busy-parent chapters, with self-tests and discussion questions, this book helps you select your top traits and make them stick. Filled with encouragement, inspiring examples, and warm personal stories from their own experiences with their children, this book offers the Parrotts’ revolutionary road map to parenting success.