Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts DVD

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    • Newly Expanded Edition

      Seven Questions to Ask Before—and After—You Marry
      Meeting the needs of a generation overwhelmed by divorce odds, relationship experts Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott share seven key questions to help couples identify and overcome stumbling blocks to a building a healthy, lifelong marriage. This is the group curriculum kit includes everything you need to host a small group for pre-married couples. We suggest that each participating couple purchase their own Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Couples's Bundle to get the most from the group.
      1. Have You Faced the Myths of Marriage with Honesty? (28 min)
      2. Can You Identify Your Love Style? (32 min)
      3. Have You Developed the Habit of Happiness? (19 min)
      4. Can You Say What You Mean and Understand What You Hear? (20 min)
      5. Have You Bridged the Gender Gap? (21 min)
      6. Do You Know How to Fight a Good Fight? (32 min)
      7. Are You and Your Partner Soul Mates? (14 min)
      Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts DVD (7 video sessions) 
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