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Finding Your Right Someone Online
A third of America's singles are dating online. Millions of singles find the love of their lives through a dating site. So, what about you? Do you fear megapixels will take the romance out of finding love? Are you put off by the potential stigma of online dating? Or maybe, with thousands of online dating sites to choose from, you are wondering who is truly safe and trustworthy. Whatever your reasons for hesitating, this easy-to-read book will help you get smart about finding love online.
You'll learn:
  •     The big myths of online dating
  •     Six ways to know if online dating is right for you
  •     Five questions you absolutely must ask before signing up
  •     How to avoid liars, losers and freaks
Improve your love IQ with the help of relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. Get the inside information about using online dating to find your soulmate.