Real Relationships

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From Bad to Better and Good to Great 


In this updated and expanded edition of their classic and bestselling book, Relationships, Les and Leslie Parrott show you how to make your bad relationships better and your good relationships great.

This practical and cutting-edge book will help you:

  • Understand your compulsion for completion
  • Discover the single sentence that will revolutionize your relationships
  • Bridge the gender gap
  • Speak the language of the opposite sex—fluently
  • Forge relationships that last
  • Know what to do when friends fail
  • Instantly improve your “Love IQ”
  • Find the love of your life
  • Explore the five critical choices of sex and intimacy
  • Break up without falling apart
  • Relate to God without feeling phony

Now includes vital information on virtual friendships and online dating.

Real Relationships reveals the secrets for healthy, authentic, and meaningful connections. Your relationships will never be the same.