Real Relationships Starter Kit

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From Bad to Better and Good to Great 

This practical and cutting edge book will help you:

  • Bridge the gender gap
  • Forge friendships that last
  • Find the love of your life
  • Break up without falling apart
  • Improve your love "IQ"
  • Explore the 5 choices of sex & intimacy
  • And much more!

Offering expert advise and practical tools for improving the most important aspects of human life, the workbook is integral to getting the most out of the Real Relationships book. 
Containing dozens of self-tests and assessments, this workbook will help you determine:
  • Your relational readiness
  • The health of the home you grew up in
  • You understanding of gender differences
  • And much more
Used in conjunction with the Real Relationships book, this workbook will help you dig even deeper, below the surface of your relationships to help turn the bad relationships to better and the good relationships to great.
Bundle includes 1 Real Relationships book, 2 Workbooks, and 1 Real Relationships DVD.