The First Drop of Rain

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Leslie Parrott reflects on love, loss and God's Presence
Imagine a dry, cracked, desert wasteland—and all the promise and hope a large, heavy raindrop holds the moment before they meet.
Have you ever longed for intimacy with God when the very circumstances of your life make him seem so far away? Have you struggled to gain clarity about God’s perspective when things seem blurry? Do you wonder what God is trying to show you and how he is working?
You will find understanding and hope in the surprising insights author Leslie Parrott draws from her Seattle landscape, which uncovers the sacred gift of God’s presence through something as simple as a single drop of rain.
Join Leslie on a personal journey as she confesses her own fears and flaws, engages in the honest reflection about the aching losses of those she loves, and shares original poetry created in the privacy of her own journal. The First Drop of Rain will take you to a place of discover, growth, and new life—a place where you can sense the presence of God all around you.